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Welcome to Newy Fagan Studio!

        Newy specializes in fused glass art and has developed two collections - "The Migration Series" and "The Manipulated Horse Series". She is currently also developing several other series, including "Down Wind", a sailing related series. Newy also completes "one-of-a-kind" pieces and accepts private commissions.      

         She grew up in Connecticut with a love for horses that she paid for with art. After attending Southern Connecticut State University, her attention shifted from painting to glass work. Around this time, the fused glass movement was growing in popularity. The rest, they say, is history. Newy immersed herself in the glass world, learning ancient techniques from several pioneers. 

         Today, it has come full circle. It is Newy that is considered one of the leading innovators in glass art. She is a leader in artists who work in compatible glass that is then fused in multiple layers to form colorful works of art. If you would like to own your own piece of history, please see the Online Store or visit the Galleries section to see her art in a city near you.

She is also a renowned instructor of kiln formed glass, with classes that sell out months in advance. If you are interested in learning glass work, please see the Workshops page for more information.

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